Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I`ve signed up to bloglovin

Good afternoon all,
Yes another bloglovin' member here, I'm not sure whether I needed to join or not but I didn't want to risk losing any of you lovely followers come July 1st.
It's simple to join and I have to say I quite like the set up, you see all the posts much clearer and they mark as read once you've clicked on that post so you're not left wondering if you've commented already.

I've got my bloglovin button thanks to my lovely bloglovin friend who helped me
Just so you know, when you sign up for bloglovin you don't need everyone to follow you, just the new followers as your old followers move across automatically.


Sue - bearhouse said...

Glad you got it sorted Pam!
I hope you have a good evening
Sue xx

Linda Simpson said...

Glad it is sorted for you now Pam.

Linda xxx

Carol said...

OOOHHH Pam I hate change!!! Do we all have to do this? I have been wondering about this and also do you know how it will effect the blog button on docrafts for my blog. I know there is help somewhere, but i find it easier to ask a human!!!! and friend.xx Thanks Carol Tadden xxxx

Karen B said...

Hmmm don't know much about this. Will have to go and do a bit of research! I've not had any notification from Google/Blogger that we have to sign up to this?

Karen x

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