Wednesday, 14 August 2013

shadow box.. useing spellbinder square dies.

hi everyone,
thought I would share how I made this shadow box.

you will need for this 6"x6" box card 3..A4  card  or  1..A4 card plus 12"x12" card. this is for the card. I used 2 A4  ..1 @ 6"x6" and  1@ 6"x 7", score this at 1", glue to  6"x6" for a card size 12" x 6".

spellbinder grand square and classic square dies for embossing, gives a perfect square ..
6"..5"..4"..3".. size`s

Shadow box
card size 8"x8" ..score 1/2" then 1"  all side`s, then find the centre, use SB size 3" and 4" as shown.

cut away corners as shown.
next cut a diagonal line from corners.
use  nesties size 5" for a square and score 1/2" all 4 sides, this is your box, for you image`s or flowers etc..
This is the reverse of the box which will be attached to your main card.. or you can use a piece of 6"x6" card and add a stand6"x6" card and add a stand.
box with side`s glued 
This is how your finished card would look, on this I made a frame 1" wide with nesties 4" and 6"
hope you have found this useful,  this is my first shadow box, will be making more, on my blog is the card I made ..


Sue - bearhouse said...

This is a wonderful tutorial Pam, thank you so much for sharing
Sue xx

Hellen said...

Thanks Pam - really useful x

Sasha said...

Thank you for the step by step tutorial, Pam. I would love to try making one x

Anne Temple said...

Thanks for the tutorial and the step by step photos. Can't wait to try it.

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