Sunday, 13 August 2017

White Easel Wedding Card.

Hello friends and visitors, 
Sorry if I have missed  visiting your blog`s, leaving you comments! hopefully on the mend!! after two weeks illness, plus heartache.. We lost our 81/2 year old black Labrador dog 21st July (3 weeks ago)..Seems he had a mass in his stomach, bleed or Tumour, I made the decision for him to go to sleep, while he was happy..Not on the operating table or couple of days.. been there so many times..

Wedding Easel card..Commission card  made this 4 weeks.
8"x 8"  White Pearlescent card ...

Love doing Circle Easel Cards..but boy do you use a lot of A4 card

Spellbinder Grand Decorative Circle for the Main card shape.
With Creative Expressions  Noble Pierced Circle.

I have used  Tattered Lace ..Melded Village Church die, cut some away,  this is on T/L  "Pearl Pin Dot Heart" ..Computer Text (Pin Dot Heart)  one of my favourite die with the ribbon, Memory Box.. "Lavish Branch", Dove`s are with the village die I cut away and placed as shown.

Card closed lots of Glitter, hopefully you can see..

List of dies I have used.

Spellbinder..Grand Decorative Circles.
Creative Expressions ...Noble Pierced Circle.
Mr & Mrs.
Tattered Lace.............Melded Village.
Pearl Pin Dot Heart.
Pin Dot Heart.
Pearl Circles.
Memory Box.. Lavish Branch.

Bride & Groom..sorry cannot remember..

Thank you for stopping by my blog... any comments means so much to me.. Pam X


  1. A fantastic card Pam. So sorry to hear about Murphy it's such a heart wrenching decision to make. Xx

  2. Pam your card is once again fabulous, I am sure that the happy couple will be very pleased.
    I am so very sorry to hear about Murphy, I know it is one of the hardest decisions that we have to make. Although we don't like to see them suffer.
    We have also had to make those choices a few times and it is never easy. You can be happy knowing that you have done what is best for him.
    Thinking of you.
    sharon :)

  3. Morning Pam,
    So sorry to hear that you have lost your beloved Murphy. Never an easy decision to make, but probable the right one, had to do this myself so I know how you feel.
    Gorgeous card.

  4. Good Morning Pam. Beautiful Card today. The recipient's will absolutely love it
    Pam I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your pet Murphy. We went through this 4 years ago with our little Gizmo. It broke our hearts, so I know how you must be feeling, I don't care what anyone says.... when you have a dog they are family, not just animals. I am sure you did the best thing Pam. I couldn't bear to see any part suffer. Sending hugs Pam. Kind Regards Ann Toppcards Leeds x x x

  5. This card is absolutely stunning! Beautiful, elegant and amazing!
    Happy crafting!

  6. Beautiful card, craft to keep the heartache at your card Pam but take it easy and get [aNNie]

  7. Stunning Pam, I,m sure this will be kept forever, xxx

  8. Beautiful card Pam and love the design...
    So sorry to hear about Murphy and I know exactly the heartache you are feeling..sending you a big HUG


  9. Dear Pam, I'm very sorry that you had to leave your beloved Labrador. I can feel it how sad it is and which hard time you go through. The love for an animal can only be felt by someone who has or has had one. I wish you much strength to get through this time.
    Your wedding card is again so magically designed. The beautiful heart, as well as the great loop with the pearl hearts, everything again an absolute dream in white. I love the punchings and the wonderful card shape.
    Many hugs Petra

  10. This is gorgeous, love the

  11. Hello Pam, a most beautiful card, I am sure much sorry to hear about your beautiful labrador, a very hard decision to make, but you know it was the right thing. My daughter lost her little llaso apso on 4 August, just 5 years old and so suddenly, she apparently had a heart problem and had a heart attack....Lots of love Ursula xx

  12. Absolutely stunning Pam xx Jan

  13. Hi Pam....Glad to see you posting and now getting over your sorry to hear your sad news about Murphy...Our fur friends always leave a hole in our hearts.
    Beautiful wedding the pretty dies....Sending you Big Hugs from Me and my fur babies....Joolsx

  14. My heart goes out to you for the loss of Murphy. That is the hardest thing to do for them when you love them so much. They are part of the family and give that truly wonderful love. I'm glad you are feeling better. This card is spectacular with all the lovely details. The dies you used are just beautiful and the village is so pretty. Love everything about it. Hugs to you.

  15. So very sorry to hear your incredibly sad news. You've made the right decision from your head but I bet your heart aches uncontrollably. Such an amazing card today x Thinking of you and sending hugs x

  16. Dear Pam I am so sorry for your loss and that you have been poorly. I do hope that you are on the mend. Your card is stunning. The dies you have used are beautiful. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  17. Absolutely stunning! I love the gorgeous design.
    Linda xxx

  18. I'm so sorry to hear of the sad loss of your lovely dog, I can well understand your heartache, and having to make that awful decision must have been so hard.
    Our little pets are so much part of the family.
    Your card is quite stunning Pam, a beautiful selection of dies to create it. A wonderful design, circular wedding cards not often seen.
    Take care and hope you feel better soon, hugs Kate x

  19. Hello Pam. I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Murphy... Beautiful wedding card you have made..loz

  20. Hi Pam, so sorry to hear of your loss of your beloved dog Murphy. So brave of you to make the decision to let him go. I know for sure that it hurts a lot and you will miss him, I wish you strenght.
    Your card is beautiful and very elegant. You used beautiful dies to create this, it looks lovely.
    Greetings Miranda

  21. I'm glad you are feeling better & just sorry there was nothing that could be done for your beloved lab. I've been there and know just how hard it is to make that final decision. And how much your heart breaks because they are not just pets...they are family! Your card is just awesome! Nobody can come close to your beautiful cards. You have such a beautiful gift for putting dies together better than anyone I have ever seen! Continue to feel better!!

  22. What a beautiful stunning card Pam..and you lost your beautiful dog and I am so very sorry..still fresh in my mind when I lost my boy too..hope you feel better soon..take care..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  23. Hi Pam, My deepest sympathies, I know exactly how you must have felt and indeed still feel, my heart goes out to you, Murphy is now in a much better place in 'doggie heaven', you can rest assured that you gave him the best life possible, and he was loved for every single minute of it.
    I adore your card, I always do !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Absolutely stunning card, Pam! The WoW design is just fabulous.

    Hope you'll soon be fully recovered and I was so sorry to read about the loss of your labrador. xx

  25. What a beautiful card this is, Pam and the heart die is perfect. I'm sure this will be treasured always.

    Dogs lead their idyllic lives when they're with someone who loves them, it's so hard when we have to let them go, we know it's the right thing to do but our hurt is there for some time. I've just lost my rescue dog and it hurts becauseI wasn't there.

  26. Elegant and wonderful is your card!

  27. A stunning card Pam as sorry about your faithful fur baby,get well soon xx

  28. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful Murphy. I know the hurt you're feeling, Labs are so loving and faithful, they are beautiful dogs with beautiful souls. I have 2 gorgeous yellow Labrador girls sleeping (one snoring) at my feet as I write this, and 3 sorely missed black labs waiting for us now at the rainbow bridge. I hope you feel better soon.
    This is a very elegant and gorgeous wedding card Pam.
    Alexandra x

  29. Good morning Pam. I missed your postings the last few days and hope you will feel a little better every day. I'm sure your card is absolutely gorgeous although I very recently discovered the my low vision and white on white don't work for me. Even my expensive gadgets for improved vision don't give me more than a blur.
    I hope your heart is soon at peace.
    Love to all.

  30. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. How upsetting.

    On a happy note, your card is beautiful. The white on white is so crisp and clean. Another job well done.

  31. The white on white is so effective with all the layers you've added Pam. Shabneez

  32. So very sorry to hear of the loss of Murphy...those we have loved will always hold close a piece of our hearts...
    Your Wedding Card was exquisite as usual and your talent awe inspiring to me!!!

  33. Oh, Pam, your card is beautiful and amazing as always. All those lovely details and sweet dies to set the scene are gorgeous. My heart stopped right there when you said you'd lost your beloved lab at such a young age. Our Wally is 8 yrs old. Any age is too young. I'm so sorry.

  34. A beautiful white on white card Pam, stunning as always. So pleased to read you're feeling much better, but I am somsorry to hear about your pet dog.
    Take care.
    Janice x

  35. So very sorry to hear about your beautiful Murphy, my condolenses xx
    Beautiful wedding card

  36. No one can make a white card look as beautiful as you. Sorry to hear about Murphy but I'm sure he had a good life and you did the best by him. I do hope you are feeling much better soon. Take care Pam, sending big hugs, Angela xXx

  37. I'm sorry that you've had such a rough time Pam. You've made an amazing card. Love it x

  38. A gorgeous card as always Pam, I am really sorry to hear about Murphy , it's so hard when we have to make that awful decision to say goodbye, but sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind and I am sure you made the right choice.

    Sending hugs Babs x

  39. What an amazing wedding card, Pam. I am sorry about Murphy. Kisses, my friend.

  40. Hi, Pam. How sad about dear Murphy. It's so Heart wrenching to have to make rough decisions regarding our fur children. My sympathy. Your beautiful wedding card is lovely and gorgeous! Wonder white on white theme, too. Sending hugs... xx

  41. Pam, this is absolutely stunning. Making just white cards is one of my favorite techniques and this one is so beautiful!
    Sorry, to hear about your doggie. I know how that feels....
    Lia xx

  42. Stunning card Pam, I love the white on white cards that you make they are so beautiful, really sorry for your loss, Murphy looks such a beautiful dog. Hugs Janis x

  43. Stunning wedding card Pam, love white on white card design is so beautiful.
    Sorry to hear about your dog. Thinking of you! xx

  44. Really very, very beautiful. x


Thank you for your visit and any comments you care to leave pam..

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